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Schmalz Dennis(660-674-2729)
Schmalz Pat(660-674-2729)
Eager Charles(660-538-0126)
Wagner Gene(660-538-4263)
Wagner Twila(660-538-4263)
Fiene Gary(660-674-2205)
Winter Darren(660-674-2264)
Bredehoeft Clarence(660-674-2658)
Dover Brock(660-674-2632)
Lebold Gingy(660-674-2224)
Blackmore Barb(660-674-2685)
Blackmore Ken(660-674-2685)
Cathy's Country Restaurant(660-674-2204)
Alma Meats Inc(660-674-2234)
Alma Meats & Grocery(660-674-2314)
State Bank of Missouri(660-674-2216)
Pj's Day Care(660-674-2233)
Alma City of(660-674-2475)
Alma Post Office(660-674-2310)
United States Government(660-259-4991)
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