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Austin William O(417-926-3858)
Fraternal Order of the Eagles Lodge 43(573-732-4400)
Hunter Amanda(573-732-0015)
Blasingame Marvin M(573-732-3761)
Vance Ray Jr(573-245-6163)
Edwards Ruth(573-732-4006)
Edwards Sam(573-732-4006)
Smith Tex R(573-245-6491)
Smith Jason(573-245-6512)
Smith Mark(573-245-6364)
Laws Everett(573-468-4865)
Simmerman Ralph J(573-468-6226)
Jehovah's Witnesses(573-732-5104)
Fajardo Alfonso(573-732-5749)
Stout Jason(573-732-4573)
Holmes Charlotte(573-732-5617)
Holmes Dennis(573-732-5617)
Sumpter Estelle(573-860-3400)
Bolling James(573-468-3880)
Bolling Janet(573-468-3880)
Kline Janet(573-468-2163)
Kline Jerry(573-468-2163)
Parker Stanley V(573-860-6128)
Keeven Thomas(573-468-7948)
Combs Delbert(573-468-7094)
Ward Cecil(573-732-3745)
Miller Thomas(573-732-3043)
McEuen Mark(573-732-3939)
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