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Downing Todd(573-345-0684)
Jones A W(573-345-4114)
Myers Tom(573-345-0465)
Findley Merlin(573-345-3244)
Schremser Daniel(573-345-4977)
King Robert(573-345-3959)
Schremser Gary(573-345-0818)
Daniels Charlie(573-345-1226)
Daniels Lucy(573-345-1226)
Clayton R D(573-345-4838)
Graham Charles(573-345-1413)
Graham Kim(573-345-1413)
Porrett Doris(573-345-4199)
Beauchamp Gloria(573-345-3590)
Beebe Phillip(573-345-3250)
Bentch D S(573-345-1410)
Bonfield Thos L(573-345-3341)
Butler Ronald E(573-345-3676)
Cantrell Carl(573-345-4289)
Carpenter Donald(573-345-4940)
Chushuk Larry(573-345-4212)
Creach Charles(573-345-0007)
Dority Ed(573-345-1073)
Dority Sue(573-345-1073)
Dority Wayne H(573-345-1127)
Fisher Jim(573-345-3091)
Flowers Betty(417-998-6749)
Fournier Janet(573-345-1038)
Fournier Paul(573-345-1038)
Glasgow Terry(573-345-4902)
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