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Albee Dennis(573-262-3051)
Jones Ernie(573-262-3015)
Lee J R Jr(573-262-3832)
Morley Baptist Child Care(573-262-2406)
Morley Baptist Church(573-262-3100)
Taylor Kenneth(573-262-3132)
Taylor Peggy(573-262-3132)
Propst Melvin(573-262-2331)
Propst Sabrina(573-262-2331)
Childers Narvel(573-262-3096)
Childers Rhonda(573-262-3096)
Lewis L M(573-262-2261)
Guzman Frankie(573-262-3939)
Burton L M(573-262-3821)
Williams Anthony(573-262-3000)
Holland Lola M(573-262-3269)
McArthur Mary(573-262-3622)
Mahurin Mike(573-262-2255)
Berry Franklin(573-262-3090)
Berry Joan(573-262-3090)
Burton George(573-262-3651)
Ulrich J S(573-262-3820)
Hopper R(573-262-3111)
Scott County E911(573-262-2070)
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